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What we do:

Have you ever wanted to buy a computer and have it work like you "think" computers should work? That time has come.  Enter MacMoral.

MacMoral was established in 2007, and is dedicated to the effort of all pioneers who traverse this world with new, different, and purpose as a cause. Its purpose is to actually dissipate the paranoia surrounding computing today by asking our users and customers to trust who we are, what we do, and where we are all going together. Each and every customer who contributes to our company came by way of "word of mouth". The foundation of this company is about people, and adherence to high ethics before profit, at all times.

The mission is simple. We aim to use technology to serve our customers and families with integrity, honesty, and principles that will open the vision we have for absolute trust between the company and users. The technology we implement to accomplish this is the Macintosh (OS X) operating system, which is in our opinion, the most advance operating system of our time. Our target and goal is to build the perfect (using what technology is present) computing environment for individual, small and medium size business owners, and schools. When we say perfect, we do mean perfect as perfect can get.

What we offer is very unique in the computing world. It has been branded hands-off computing. Ever had a computer take care of itself, back itself up, or report any errors (including hardware) to you and your administrator? When you receive a Mac client or server from us your computer will do just that. You will never have to perform any operating system maintenance whatsoever, nor worry about losing important data ever again. Our Macs report any problems to you and us, so that we can help you remedy the problem, should it arise, in a timely matter.

Our Macs are also enhanced with all of the software you will need to do most everything you can think of on your Mac. We re-tuned a little of OS X to meet the demands for what we consider to be a environment of computing that comes extremely close to being flawless for both client and server environments.

Our customers consist of individual Mac/Windows owners, small business owners, schools, and other places where computing environments need to be as near flawless as they can possibly be. Please see our
testimonial section to see exactly what our customers are saying! When we say hands free we mean it!

What we do not do:

We do not bad mouth or criticize other businesses, people, or even other operating systems for their practices, or the way they decide to do business in order to enhance our own image, or gain the trust of potential customers (no need to, we are that good!).  We do not try to fool or squeeze every last cent from our customers (in any way) using tech jargon, fancy words, meaningless graphs and drawings, or anything else used to get over on those without the proper knowledge of the technology they wish to implement.  We do not provide any services we cannot back, monitor, service or maintain with 100% confidence and reliability to those using our services.  We do not tell our customers we know the lottery numbers, but we can tell them when the next full moon is!

Serve the customer!  Serve the customer better than anyone else is serving the customer by thinking creatively and in new directions, and in someway, serve the world as a whole.

In accomplishing this, we hope to raise the consciousness level and awareness of all who support our company, and more importantly, the world. We hope our simplicity is represented by way in which we do business with our customers. We will make your business more of what it can be, by allowing you to concentrate on your business.  That is our word to our customer.  Remember, nothing is impossible, however it can sometimes seem to be without the right players present.  Let us help you help yourself!

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