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All of the testimonials listed below are 100% authentic and come from "real" customers, whom all have agreed, if necessary, to  be contacted for verification of there statements here on this site about the services that they have received from MacMoral. What our customers say is a direct reflection on just how well MacMoral follows up on the claims we make about what it is we are able to do, and how we meet our customers need for a computing environment that creates a more productive, none error prone computing environment on all levels of computing. Read on!

MacMoral services has provided the Costilla County Clerk & Recorder office with a secured network you can rely on.  We have been using MacMoral services since August, 2008 and have been very impressed with the service MacMoral has provided.

They have provided our office with increased internet speed and we are now capable of sharing files with other offices within the complex and it is comforting to know that your data is on a highly secured network.  Tech support is always ready to help you solve any issues in a timely fashion. I am very pleased with the service provided by MacMoral services.

Dolores Burns,

Costilla County Clerk & Recorder

Costilla County offices had been in desperate need of an upgraded networking system for a long time. MacMoral's services have provided our offices with solutions that are highly used and appreciated.  We are now able to share files within our Planning and Zoning, Treasurer, and Clerk and Recorder offices.  Our complex now has a secure server, and it is so simple to put in service requests and get a quick response.  Our new network has been in place since August 8th, 2008, and we are very content with having a problem free network.  The expertise of MacMoral have given us an increased internet speed and highly secured environment.  This is extremely important now that our Treasurer's office is able to take online payments.  (It was said by the bank that takes payments, that our network is among the securest that they have worked with).  It is assuring to know that whenever we need a tech expert, we have Mac Moral to rely on.   

R. Thomas Aragon,

Costilla County Assessor

It is a rare event in the world of business when an entrepreneur like Axely Congress comes along.  Axely is an individual with a degree of expertise, professionalism, and vision rarely seen in the business world today.  As a retired university economics and business professor, I view Axely and MacMoral as a prime example of how an ethical, successful, totally client oriented business should be operated.  I recommend him and his services without any hesitation what-so-ever.  If his company should ever goes public, I'll be the first in line to buy  a thousand shares !


Dr. Roy K. Boutwell

Professor, Retired

I use MacMoral services and have been consistently impressed with my service.  I purchased my MAC from through MacMoral and my equipment is flawless.  When I have had to call for support I always get my issues resolved in a timely fashion.  I would recommend MacMoral to everyone with no hesitations.  Feel free to email me and I will gladly talk to you about my experience with MacMoral.

Deanna Kennedy

Kennedy's Office Resources



I  have been utilizing the professional services of MacMoral for about six months now. I am so grateful for their expertise. Prior to using them I had an "almost" scare thinking that I had lost most of my data.  Since then, I have had it backed up twice a day. I'm not sure I totally understand how it works, but I trust that I don't need to worry anymore.  Anytime that I have a question Axely is very prompt to respond and always willing to walk me through whatever steps I need to take. I have several friends who use Mac computers and I always recommend that they contact MacMoral. I feel blessed to be living in Hawaii and receiving such an amazing service all the way from Colorado.

Thanks Axely.


Dr. Tracey Wright, Chiropractor

Livity Cafe of Life, Haiku

Congress has helped to take Dell's Insurance Agency to the next step in

our growth evolution. We have continuously been impressed with

Congress's networking knowledge as well as his expert advice on hardware

and problem resolution.

Prior to Congress working with Dell's Insurance Agency we had constant

network problems that caused us to be down. Since Congress took over all

of the bugs are out of our system and our client information is now

completely secure plus we have continuous backup of our system data at

various places in the United States.

We are very happy with the consulting services provided by Congress and

feel that he is an indispensible resource for Dell's Insurance Agency.

Dell F. Duran


Dell's Insurance Agency, Inc.

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As a student I bought my MacBook through Macmoral and it has been the best investment I have made my entire college career. Macmoral personalized my Mac for my personal and professional life.  It has been a more than useful tool in my education and has done wonders for my personal gaming life. Macmoral also built my Mac to support a small business, which prompted me to begin a Web Design Company.

Congress has been more than helpful in answering all my questions and issues I have had. He has taken a personalized approach to running this company and it has made all the difference. I strongly recommend Macmoral for any computing needs.

Michael Gabe Garcia

Innovation Web Design and Consulting


Grande Natural Meats (www.ElkUSA.com) (“GPM”) is a rural Colorado, ranch-based provider of all-natural game meats since 1998.  We specialize in elk and buffalo, but include deer, fish and goat meats in our mix.  Since 2005 Grande Natural has aggressively developed its consumer-direct, national Internet sales business which has helped us propel the company past a 7-figure annual gross sales tabulation.   We have been steadily using the services of Axely Congress, now MacMoral, since mid-2006.  Our service originally started as but two independent windows machines and have progressively graduated up to a Mac Server and 7 windows machines, while business revenues have more than tripled in the same time frame.  Our daily operating conditions are rather difficult, being a working ranch subject to weather and dust which adversely effects our combination of a hard-wired and wireless network, all connected to a rather tenuous, broad-band wireless Internet provider.  Mr. Congress has steadfastly responded quickly to our urgent needs to maintain computer service, and hence our daily Internet cash flow in a professional, ethical and very importantly, in a very rapid fashion.  He has repeatedly shown a willingness to be creative and helpful in the scaling up of activities, while continually providing excellent service and the necessary redundant data backup activities preserving GPM's customer and financial records.  Our current needs include an all-new building with several computer stations and a retail point-of-sale station for which he has offered abundant useful design information and money-saving IT suggestions. As we grow .... we will be keeping MacMoral busy.


Rich Forrest, General Manger

Grande Natural Meats


Axely Congress met my wife and I as a consultant for the Sierra Grande School District were he was contacted as a computer consultant.  The districts technology teacher was unable to address computer concerns the district had pertaining to viruses and hackers.  Axely Congress was contacted and in a very short time, he was not only able to clear the system of viruses, but informed the district superintendant that the districts computer network had been hacked into by someone in China.  Axely Congress very quickly eleviated the problem and helped to streamline the network by networking the district system.


Axely Congress has been approached by several businesses in our community to address not only the computer issues, but also their security issues.  Axely Congress was contacted by a local insurance company reference computer networking and backing up the computer system. Axely Congress was able to informed the owners of the correct security system to implement and was successful in obtaining a contract which allowed him to backup the companies computers, and network the telephones, printers and computers.  Ironically Axely Congress's services are in direct competition with the other local technical support companies, and due to his knowledge, expertise and professionalism these attributes has allowed his company to grow, and the competition to become concerned.  Axely Congress has also been approached by local law enforcement officials to talk about the concerns on their department with computer problems, system backup and networking within the department and the county. 


Axely Congress is a man to true ethical and moral proportions.  A local school district superintendant asked Axely Congress to perform technical support duties that could have been considered to be rather unethical.  Due to Axely Congress's moral character, rather than compromise those morals, he addressed the superintendant's request and discontinued association with the school district.  Though this relationship with the school district could have been profitable, Axely Congress showed, in my opinion, the ability stand fast in his convictions and display a level of professionalism and ethical diversity rarely seen in society today.


Recently, my wife was able working on the home desk top, and was surfing the internet.  Sadly she accessed a web site and the computer got a very bad virus.  Axely Congress was contacted, and informed my wife and I of the situation and our options.  He also looked at my Dell laptop as I had gotten a virus on it.  Axely Congress took both our computers to his office and less than 24 hours later we received them back.  Not only did he rid the computers of the viruses, but the computers operated faster than they did when they were new.  I found this most impressive, as my laptop was only 1 month old at the time and operated faster than when I took it out of the box. 


Due to Axely Congress's fast and professional service, we decided to hire him as our computer consultant.  He now backs up our home computers, and any concerns or questions we have reference our computers are addressed quickly and professionally.  Axely Congress has offered to assist us in the purchase of a new computer system, and talked with us about the system that would best suit our needs.


My wife and I highly recommend Axely Congress for hire with any company, and believe he will be an incredible asset.  Please feel free to contact me at the following email if you have any questions.





Pamela S. Thompson

Retired-Principal Sierra Grande School District


Mark M. Thompson

Deputy Alamosa County Sheriff's Office




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